The next DORIS meeting will take place on Monday 23 March 2020. 

On account of the Covid-19 situation, our DORIS meeting cannot take place as planned. We will have a web-meeting via on Monday 23rd March from 10.00 am Central European Time. The agenda is as follows:

CET time

10:00 hrsWelcome, brief introductions, recap last 2 years

R.F. van Vollenhoven, the Netherlands

10:30 hrs Results of systematic literature reviews: The influence of remission on damage and on HR/QOL.

B. Pons-Estel, G. Pons-Estel, Argentina, M. Ugarte, Peru, George Bertsias Greece

11:00 hrs Brief updates on remission data in various cohorts: top data from the past and/or recent important data

11:00 hrs         Remission in the Amsterdam cohort

A. Voskuyl, the Netherlands

11:15 hrs         Remission in the Gladel cohort

B. Pons-Estel, Argentina and M. Ugarte, Peru

11:30 hrs         Remission in the Hopkins Lupus cohort

M. Petri, USA

11:45 hrs         Remission in the Italian Multicenter cohort

A. Doria, Italy

12:00 hrs         Remission and lupus low disease activity in the Asia-Pacific Lupus Group

E. Morand and M. Nikpour, Australia

12:15              General discussion

13:00               Break 

15:00 hrs         Methodological and regulatory considerations

Prof.dr. C. Aranow, USA

15:15 hrs         Further discussion, voting on consensus statements

17:00 hrs         Summary of the meeting, next steps

Prof.dr. R. van Vollenhoven, the Netherlands